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Our work is all about equipping and empowering international workers-trailing spouses, humanitarians, military families and missionaries- with the tools they need to succeed in their host country, and to continue to succeed when they move home again.

While many of the same themes often emerge with overseas living, we know that everyone is different, that's why we tailor our programs to suit exactly what YOU need in your space. 

Programs can cover topics such as:

  • Packing up and relocating

  • Saying goodbyes and leaving loved ones behind

  • Learning a new language

  • Choosing the right learning environment for your children

  • Finding purpose as a trailing spouse

  • Creating peace amidst the chaos

  • Managing stress and axiety

  • Finding community

  • Building strong relationships and marriages

  • Decision fatigue

  • Finding a home

  • Health and safety

  • Cross-cultural communication and teamwork

  • Life/work balance


Want to know how Faith can work with you? Book a free 20 minute session to find out more.



Being on team to serve and protect your country is hard. Doing that in an unfamiliar setting is even harder. Whether you're in the military, part of a military family, or resettling stateside and transitioning back to civilian life, Life Coaching can help bring sense to what you are facing. 40% of people in military transition have said they faced stress about the process, and have needed access to tools (such as Life Coaching) to help them along the way. 

Whether it's settling into your new routine, finding employment, working on changes in relationships, or becoming established in your new community, Further Up can help you. 



Moving to another country is full of challenges - but add in support raising, language acquisition, cultural training and team dynamics, and things can get wirey. All too often we see amazing individuals, couples and families lose heart because of the challenges they face in their ministries and leave the field early. 

But don't give up hope. 

Faith has worked with missionaries from all over the globe, giving them the tools to manage transitions and cultural dynamics to become effective gospel workers in their field. 

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Humanitarian Workers

Faith knows that humanitarian work isn't all about 'seeing the world', because she's lived it - in 5 different countries. Aid workers are often sent to difficult places, living in harsh conditions with minimal support. If you're dealing with assimilation issues, language barriers, loneliness and safety concerns, just know that you aren't alone. 

Faith can give you the tools you need to not only succeed in your career, but to make a lasting difference where you are working. 



Moving home. After time abroad, seeing the world, assimilating cultures, discovering your new identity- now you are moving home. Many would assume that this transition would be simple - you're just returning to the place you have potentially missed all these years, right?
But while you've been gone, things have changed, and so have you. Perhaps your friends have moved on, your neighbourhood is different, family has adapted to life without you. Finding a job, a home and a community is hard, especially when you no longer feel that safe sense of belonging. Do not fear - because the tools to manage these changes are just a phone call away. 

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Friends Having Coffee

“I’ve worked several months with Faith, and I have learned to manage my expectations, which has allowed me to freely love and relate genuinely with people.  The phrase, “Love is always an option.” has also allowed me to extend grace to myself and others. Today, I have more freedom to love and be loved.” N.K., Uganda

“Faith Hoskins is an EXCELLENT life coach who specializes in helping expats. I really appreciate how she knew the right questions to ask as I processed my role as a trailing spouse, a new mom, and my faith. She’s also lived all over the world so she has a unique perspective and understands what living abroad entails.” J.K., US 

“I was looking for a coach who knew the ups and downs of living [internationally]. I


had contact with 2 other coaches before, but I wasn’t convinced. Then, I met Faith.

I feel like I had a lot of questions before starting this journey. I needed more


guidance and support to actually start the journey of a better version


of myself. I found that with Faith. A lot of pieces of the puzzle are coming together


and I am enjoying that."- N.L., Belgium