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“Don’t let change be something that holds you back. An incredible adventure is waiting for you on the other side.”


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Faith has lived overseas for 17 years, in 5 different countries, and traveled to more than 35 countries on 6 continents. Each time she travels or moves to a new country, she leaves a better person than when she came. Every culture has uniquely enriched her life in profound ways, giving her a new perspective that she would never have had, had she not experienced their way of life so closely.

As a certified life coach, Faith wants to make sure that you get the tools you need to navigate change, particularly in relationships, culture and lifestyle. The journey in front of you may seem daunting, but with Further Up, you don't have to walk alone. 

We know the road, and we are here to journey with you.

Far too many times, I have seen others get so bogged down with navigating everyday life in a new culture that they fail to experience anything but frustration, overwhelm, and confusion. Most of the time, this leads to extreme burnout and in many cases, leaving prematurely.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. If given the right tools, anyone can have a wonderful experience living in a new country.


That is why I am a life coach. I find life coaching to be the most effective way to equip international workers with the tools necessary for living a rich, fulfilling life anywhere they choose to call “home”. 


Moving to a different country doesn't have to take years of practice, just an opportunity to learn from others' experiences. Let my experience be that for you.


If you are planning on moving abroad or coming back to your home country, then I can help you cultivate the right mindset, create a solid game plan, and take the massive action you need in order to experience the fullness that every culture has to offer.


Are you ready?              You can do this.              I've got you covered.

- Faith

"Moving to a new country doesn't have to take years of practice, just an opportunity to learn from others' experiences. Let my experience be that for you."


What is
Life Coaching?

A life coach helps functioning individuals create a pathway to achieve specific goals in their life. The type of coaching Faith uses with her clients focuses on managing our minds and our emotions, which are the driving force for all our behaviors as humans.


If we want to see lasting change in our lives, we must address the root cause- which is our own beliefs and perspectives. Faith works with her clients to become aware of the belief system that has got them to the place they are today, and to decide which of those beliefs are beneficial and which ones are detrimental in helping them achieve the future they desire for themselves.


Once the limiting beliefs have been removed, one is free to move forward on the path to their greatest goals and desires.


So, in short, life coaching is just helping an individual remove the obstacles that are blocking their path to their desired future.

Further Up specializes in the unique life of international workers, helping them to overcome the immense changes and challenges of living away from their home country.

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How is coaching different from counselling?