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Faith Hoskins Life Coach

Faith Hoskins, Change Coach

You are not your brain, BUT that doesn't mean your brain doesn't have an impact on your life. In fact, it has the greatest impact on you than any other thing.

When it comes to making changes in our life, most of us either try and control our circumstances or change our behaviors, spending a lot of energy to make our lives the way they should be.

We get a new job because we want to feel satisfied and happy at work. Or we start exercising so we can feel more confident in our body. We might buy a planner and schedule our week so we can feel less chaotic and more at peace in our life.

And these are great things. The only problem is, we spend all this energy only to find we aren't any happier. We aren't more confident. We aren't feeling inner peace.

Why? Because we haven't actually changed the thing that is controlling it all- our BRAIN!

Just think about it. Your brain is the control center for all experiences in your life. It is what interprets those circumstances and tells your body how to respond.

Your brain has three primary goals.

Step 1 Avoid Pain

Avoid Pain

Step 2 Seek Pleasure

Seek Pleasure

Step 3 Use Less Energy

Use Less Energy

These three goals serve us well in many areas of our life, but your brain interprets CHANGE as a threat to all three of these things. Therefore, it will put up a lot of resistance to keep you in what is safe, easy, and familiar. In other words, your brain will intentionally keep you STUCK!

Your brain imagines all the "what-if's" and the worst-case-scenarios, in order to keep you held back in fear and anxiety.

Your brain overwhelms you with thoughts like, "I don't even know where to begin. There is so much I would need to do."

Your brain focuses on what you don't know how to do rather than what you do, keeping you spinning in confusion.


And that's where most of remain...

But there is another option. 

YOU have the power to reprogram your brain, so that it drops that resistance and begins working FOR  YOU rather than AGAINST YOU. Your brain doesn't have to be the problem. It can be the solution.


When your brain gets onboard, something amazing happens- change becomes easy, almost effortless.


Your relationships.

Your career.

Your self-confidence.

Your time.

Your money.

Your sex life.

Your life. 

''The most impactful thing you can do to change the world is to change your thinking''.

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