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Available Services

Available Services
One On One Sessions

Have weekly one-to-one conversation with Faith to learn the simple techniques you need to unlock your brain's full potential to change your life faster, easier, and with less pain.

Faith will customize each session according to your personal needs, so that you get the support that you need in your REAL day-to-day life.

Science has shown that deep breathing 3 minutes a day for 90 days will completely restructure your brain. This work is not hard. It takes very little time. The only thing required of you is showing up. I've got the rest covered.

Group Coaching

Learning from others’ experiences is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. In the group coaching program, you will not only have weekly group coaching calls and virtual classes to teach you all the tools you will need to become a master at change, but you will also find support within a community of others facing similar circumstances.


This will become a community who can truly understand you, validate you, and share great tips with you along the way.

Employee Support

Need some extra support for your staff? Faith partners with companies and organizations to help strengthen and support their employees through change. Be it personal growth, career goals, job culture, or leadership development.


Studies show that employee happiness is directly correlated with a business' success.

An investment in the health of employees is an investment in the company itself.

Free Session
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