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How can I help you?

Coaching Services
One On One Coaching

We will have weekly, private sessions where we will look at the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. Then I will teach the tool you need to rewire that thought pattern into one that allows you to move forward in the way you desire.

I customize each session according to your personal needs, so that you get the support that you need in your REAL day-to-day life.

This work is not hard and takes very little time. For example, research has shown that deep breathing 3 minutes a day alone will completely restructure your brain. And that is just breathing! Think about the possibilities when you choose to show up for yourself each week!

Group Coaching

"Further Up, Further In” is a group coaching program designed to facilitate your continued growth by:

1) cultivating a deeper mind/body connection

2) challenging the belief systems that were GIVEN to you but were never FOR you

3) providing you with even more tools to help you manage that beautiful brain of yours


All leading to more peace, connection, and joy in your life than you ever thought possible.  

Employee Support

Need some extra support for your staff? Faith partners with companies and organizations to help strengthen and support their employees through change. Be it personal growth, career goals, job culture, or leadership development.


Studies show that employee happiness is directly correlated with a business' success.

An investment in the health of employees is an investment in the company itself.

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