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30-Day Challenge!
Being at Home in Your Body

This September, we're bringing together a community of like-minded women to practice becoming more connected to our bodies, becoming more present and engaged with the world around us, opening up to the little moments of joy all around us, and feeling comfortable in our own skin.
...AND...Check out our upcoming webinar to discuss more about practicing embodiment in your life everyday...

Faith Hoskins, coaching through change.

Faith Hoskins is a certified coach specializing in empowering women to live their life as the very best version of themselves. Through a combination of mindset shifts, practical exercises and ongoing support, she helps others to overcome self-doubt and nurture a profound sense of self-confidence.

Join the free webinar on August 31 at 1:00PM (MT) to  hear more!

September Webinar with Faith

Consider this:

In my personal quest for more mind-body connection, I came across the book, “The Wisdom of Your Body” by Hillary L. McBride, PhD. Of all the books I have read and all the classes I have taken, this book has been the most illuminating and helpful book I have come across. I have been devouring the book and loving all the insights and helpful tips and tricks. I just could NOT keep this incredible resource to myself. I wanted to share it with all of you because it is just too good to leave out. (I’ve attached the link in the comments below).


I decided to create a 30-day challenge for myself, but then I thought, “What if I invited my whole community to join in? Wouldn’t it be great if we all did this together?”


So I have created this 30-Day embodiment challenge to help all us amazing women connect with ourselves in a powerful way, cultivate presence, and become fully alive to all the incredible pleasure that fill our lives. This program is heavily influenced by “The Wisdom of Your Body.” So, if you find this challenge helpful and want to dig in even deeper, then I highly recommend getting this book for yourself. But if you aren’t a big reader, not a problem. I have done all the reading for you and condense it down into 30 days of easy practices for you.

We'll talk about all this and more during our end of the month webinar

Practicing Embodiment | Sept 27 | 1:00 PM (MT)
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