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6 Power Questions to Cultivate Curiosity

Pressure. Stress Judgement. It’s a lot - the world asks so much from us. But we ask so much of yourselves too. How would your life be different if your brain automatically resorted to curiosity rather than pressure and expectation? How much energy would be saved if you were driven by desire rather than judgment? What else could you do with that time and energy?

a woman being cuirous
Cultivate curiosity

6 Power Questions that will immediately cultivate curiosity:

1. Instead of saying, "I should exercise every day," ask yourself, "What if I explored different forms of movement and found activities that bring me joy and make me feel energized?"

2. Instead of thinking, "I have to work late tonight," ask yourself, "What would be the benefit of prioritizing self-care and creating boundaries that allow me to maintain a healthy work-life balance?"

3. Instead of saying, "I should follow a specific career path," ask yourself, "What lights me up? Is it possible that I haven’t even discovered what I am capable of?"

4. Instead of thinking, "I have to meet everyone's expectations," ask yourself, "What do I want?"

5. Instead of saying, "I should have it all figured out by now," ask yourself, "What if self-discovery is the goal? Allowing myself the freedom to explore different paths and make choices that align with my evolving desires and aspirations?"

6. Instead of feeling pressure and obligation to have sex with your spouse, open to the possibility of pleasure by telling yourself, “What if this is exactly the nourishment I need and the perfect end to a long day?”

Remember, shifting from should's and have to's to maybe's and what if's opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to approach life with curiosity, flexibility, and a sense of adventure. Embrace the uncertainty and the potential for growth that lies within these questions.

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