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Change your Thoughts

No one’s life ever changes until their thoughts change. When you think about all the decisions and all the actions you took in your life, it was driven by a sentence in your brain.

(Wait! What are you saying, Faith?) It is common knowledge in the world of behavioral psychology that your circumstances don’t have any real impact on you until you have a thought about them. Then, your thoughts cause your feelings, your feelings fuel your actions, and your actions create

your results.

For many of us, there is a sentence at the base of our belief system that drives all our lives. “I am not enough.” It may not come out exactly like that, but some variation.

“I am not a good enough_______.”

“I don’t have enough________, so I am not good enough at_______.”

“If only I were_________-er.”

These are powerful sentences because they determine how you show up in the world. If you aren’t conscious about that sentence, then you have no way of controlling your own life. Your life is just being driven on this default programming, as if on autopilot.

That sentence kind of becomes a pair of glasses that we see ourselves through. We are always looking for evidence that proves this sentence to be true. “I’m not enough.” And usually, we manage to find a lot of evidence to back it up.

Many times, we won’t change this sentence in our life until something significant happens. (“Because this happened, NOW I can think better of myself.”) We then think we feel different

because our circumstances have changed, but really it is our MIND that has changed.

This month we will be working through identifying your version of this powerful sentence and then working through a process to change the way you think about yourself and others. This is one of the greatest gifts I can give you. Who’s in? Check out Faith on the blog for more…

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