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Let's talk about ''Body Image Myths''

We have all fed stories about our bodies, which is a large part of how we came to be so disembodied in the first part. We were told that our body wasn’t the right shape, the right color, the right size, the right age, the right gender, have the right abilities.

The list goes on. Consequently, we begin to view our body as an object to change or conquer into the “ideal body”, so we can feel valuable or worthy in our social contexts. This is what disembodiment means- to view your body as an object rather than it being YOU.

Today, I will present some of the common untruths that we often hear in the US, though this may vary, depending on the culture or social context where you grew up. By naming them for what they are- myths- you can begin to evaluate the ways in which they have shaped your own story.

1) “You are not your body.”

2) “You need to subdue and control your body because it is dangerous or evil.”

3) “Some bodies are better than others.”

4) “Bodies must present within rigid binaries of gender.”

5) “Ideal women have sexual, young, thin, and fertile bodies.”

6) “Bodies are impure, and pleasure is sinful.”

7) “Appearance is all that matters about your body.”

8) “You should change your body.”

9) “Fat bodies are unhealthy.”

10) “Bodies get in the way of what really matters: theology and intellect.”

11) “Light skin is better than dark.”

12) “Tan skin is better than pale skin.” (Oh the irony of these last two!)

For today: Circle or check any of these untruths that you have been taught and may even currently believe. Add any other myth(s) you have been told about your body in your social context.

Take a moment to think about how these stories have played a part in you seeing your body as an object to be changed or conquered.

This content is just a peek at what we’re working on over in our 30-DAY EMBODIMENT CHALLENGE in our Facebook group!

It’s not too late to join so check it out!

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