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My relationship with TIME...

Time is a funny thing. In some ways, we have an abundance of time. And it is given to us free of charge. We can’t gain add more of it to our day by our merit, nor can we lose it by having poor conduct. Time is the great equalizer. No matter your gender, age, socio-economic status, race, or ethnicity, if you are alive, you have the same amount of time each day- 24 hours. No less, no more.

As long as I am alive, I am given the gift of time. It is mine to do with as I will. I can use it wisely or unwisely. I can use it to better myself and the world around me, OR I can use it to tear myself down and those around me.

Either way, it is MINE to use, and I get to use it the way I choose.

When I began to think about time in this way, something shifted for me.

  1. I no longer felt the need to use my time the way that others expected. My time was a gift to ME. Not them. They have their own time. We each get to choose what to do with that gift.

  2. I began to be more intentional with what I said yes and no to. If I only had 24 hours, I wanted it to count towards things that mattered most to me.

  3. I began to plan my time more efficiently. Because I was no longer a victim of time- meaning, I had the say of what my time was used for, rather than simply letting time pass by or dictate what I should/should not do. Time was simply a resource. I was the creator.

  4. I began to see time as something that was given to me for my good. Something that was on my side. Given to me as something to use for my benefit.

  5. I no longer said things like, “I don’t have time.” If I was alive, it was proof that I did indeed have time.

  6. I no longer saw time as something to run out of. It was always there. Supporting me. Until one day it will not be there, but by then, will I need it? (Just saying)

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