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Poems for You on Valentines

During Valentine's, we imagine it to be a time of love and laughter, and joy. But it is not the case for all of us. In fact, for most of us, it is time to be especially critical of ourselves. So I wanted to offer a different kind of poetry to you all. One that reminds us of our humanity and our propensity to say kind words to others, but hateful ones to ourselves. For today's tips and tricks, I offer you the opportunity to sit down and write a love poem to YOURSELF, or a love letter to YOURSELF. And if you are brave enough to share it, feel free to post it in the comments.

Negative thoughts

By Murray Lachlan Young

Oh, they come and they go

And sometimes they come

A lot more than they go

For thoughts create feelings

And feelings then feel

And that’s why it's easy

To feel that they're real

Because when they arrive

They suggest they’re you

And you should do just

What they say you should do

Then slowly the negative

Thoughts can begin

To widen that door

And let themselves in

Then do what they like

And say what they please

To stifle your life

With their negative squeeze

So why not breathe in

And exercise choice

Why not breathe out

and say "No" to the voice

And say “I’m worth more

much, much, more than all that

And that negative voices

Are uncool and old hat”

And get used to calling

The negative out

And slowly it turns

From a scream to a shout

To a murmur, a whisper

And then best of all

The voice will one day

Become nothing at all

Unless it speaks nicely

And says let’s have fun

Or suggests quite warm-heartedly

What might be done

For why would-you-possibly

Talk to yourself

In a way that you’d not

Talk to anyone else?

So why not decide

That it’s time to get free

And stand up to the (deeply uncool) voice

Of Negativity.

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