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Stress: Shifting Your Perspective

Stopping the stress cycle involves shifting our perspective and reframing stressful situations as potential gifts or opportunities for growth. By asking ourselves, "What gift or opportunity does this bring to my life?" we can rewire our thinking and find positive aspects even in challenging circumstances.

Woman pushing a wall of stress
Stress: Shifting Your Perspective

One example is 1-Positive reframing: By consciously asking this question, we challenge negative thoughts associated with stress. It encourages us to look beyond the immediate stressor and consider the potential positive outcomes or lessons that can arise from the situation. This reframing helps shift our focus toward finding solutions and opportunities rather than dwelling on the stress itself.

This week we’ll talk about more ways to use our perspectives to combat the stress cycle: growth and personal development, increased self-awareness, and enhanced gratitude and stress reduction.

Check back this week and share these posts with your friends to promote stress relief for all!

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