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Confessions of a Bargain Shopper

I have been noticing this thought come up a lot in my brain recently...."If it's expensive, it's not an option. It's not for me."

have me making decisions on my spending as I had hoped. Instead of making a conscious choice about my purchases- from a place of empowerment- I find I don't even give myself the option. Instead, I go straight for the clearance rack in stores, trying to divert my eyes from the cute things hanging on the racks I pass by. I will go shopping for something I really need, but if it's "too expensive", then I will just put it down and tell myself "You don't need that.

You've gone this long without." If I find something expensive for a great deal, I always justify my purchase to everyone by telling them the incredible discount I bought it at.

Now, I am not saying those things are bad. But what I don't like is WHY i do that. I do it because I don't believe that I am worth it. Other people are. But not me.

I would NEVER tell one of my friends, "You shouldn't spend that much money on yourself." But I tell myself that ALL. THE. TIME.

So this week, I am working on a new thought. When my brain throws out the same-o same-o, I respond with this,

"Expensive things are for everyone! I am a part of everyone!"

In what ways do you find that you are undervaluing yourself?

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