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Faith Hoskins

This blog is a collection of my observations and experiences through my life and travels. I hope it will provide comfort, education, laughter or encouragement as I share with you.

I have lived overseas for 17 years, in 5 different countries, and traveled to more than 35 countries on 6 continents. Each time I travel or moves to a new country, I leave a better person than when I arrived. Every culture has uniquely enriched my life in profound ways, giving me a new perspective that I would never have had, had I not experienced their way of life so closely. As a certified life coach, I want to make sure that people get the tools they need to navigate change, particularly in relationships, culture and lifestyle. The journey in front of you may seem daunting, but with Further Up, you don't have to walk alone.

I know the road, and I am here to journey with you.

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